Research and development projects (R&D)

Tutkija metsässä

Photo © Panu Halme

Do you know how many species there are in Finnish forests? What kind of forests are the richest in species? And how do they react to different uses of forests?


Research is a key element of the METSO Programme. The research and development projects of the METSO Programme give answers to the above questions. We know that there are about 45 000 species in Finland, of which about 1 600 are now known thanks to the METSO Research programme of deficiently known and threatened forest species. Many species suffer from the commercial use of forests, especially because there is less decaying wood.

To effectively implement METSO Programme in a socially acceptable way we also need information on forest owners and practitioners – the human dimension. In a research project coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute a survey was conducted on the views of forest owners and programme actors on how well the set of tools available for preserving biodiversity really works.

Projects to develop nature management methods

Development projects concerning nature management produce various kinds of information for the follow-up and evaluation of the METSO Programme. The aim is also to design new practices for nature management and promote cooperation.

Cooperation networks

METSO Programme supports cooperation networks of forest owners and various forest professionals.  A good network is based on a commitment of both parties to conserving forest biodiversity, while also promoting the viability of the countryside. Networks help forest owners to maintain forest landscapes, develop recreational activities related to forest biodiversity and manage valuable habitats.

Projects to promote networking may be managed by environmental or forestry organisations or by local associations. A network may comprise forests that border on each other or cover forested areas in different municipalities. Cooperative networks may be funded from the METSO Programme or under projects of the European Union.

R&D funding

The annual funding for the research and development projects in support of the implementation of the METSO Programme totals about EUR 2 million. The funding is provided by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

  • More information is available in the Materials on METSO.
  • You may also contact Senior Researcher Kaisu Aapala, tel. +358 295 251 052 (Finnish Environment Institute)
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